Ag Innovation Campus

Ag Innovation Campus

The Ag Innovation Campus serves as an incubator for agricultural innovations, with a goal to foster new and novel products, create jobs and increase the value of agriculture in the region, state and nation.

240 Tons Per Day

The estimated amount of soybean meal produced daily, processed by 3 independently operated mechanic crush systems.

62,400 Tons Per Year

The amount of soybean meal to be processed annually.

324 Days of Operation

Number of days out of the year that the AIC will operate the crushing facility.

AIC Vision

The Ag Innovation Campus will be a host to a variety of private and public groups within agriculture by providing the tools and technology to expand value-added agricultural products while offering a campus suitable for real-world learning both in production agriculture as well as the technologies serving the campus.

Founding Members

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.

Behind AIC

AIC staff, officers and board members are all working together for the common goal of creating a space for development of new and innovative ideas and uses in the agriculture industry.